Screen4All Campus: producing a new generation of content with advice from a team of ten experts

Dedicated to new funding avenues and to innovating uses and technologies for TV, film and new screens, the third edition of Screen4All Campus will be organized around three main topics:

 24 juillet 2015

Screen4All Forum: mastering disruptive innovations linked to digital

For its second edition, Screen4All offers visitors an event dedicated to mastering the issues and opportunities of digital technologies in film, television and communication; two days to learn about the industry’s future challenges through demonstrations, workshops and talks.

 20 juillet 2015

L’Innovative Communications Network « Les Napoleons » investit Arles en Juillet !

Les Napoleons proposent un nouveau type de réseau en mettant en relation tous les acteurs des univers BtoB et BtoC concernés par l’innovation numérique, quel que soit leur secteur– art, culture, design, architecture, entrepreneuriat,  institutions culturelles, économie, finance, politique… 

 19 juin 2015