Teachers breathed a sigh of relief – not the worst option

Teachers breathed a sigh of relief – not the worst option topics (as many as sets) associated with philosophical, moral categories. And repetitions in the [...]

Teachers breathed a sigh of relief – not the worst option

topics (as many as sets) associated with philosophical,

moral categories. And repetitions in the open list are also impossible.

to avoid cheat sheets. Finally, quotes undefined

formulations give the student more freedom of choice


Date: 07.06.2003

Title: When the envelopes were opened …


Graduation essay-2003: what was most willingly written about

eleventh graders

On June 2, eleventh graders took a written exam in

literature. They were given the right to choose between presentation with elements

essays and essays on a previously announced list of topics. In each

the region broadcast the procedure in the morning "drawing" specific

set, after which the graduates began to work. In Moscow and

Of the Moscow Region, before the launch of the lottery drum, L.P. Kezina, yet

once again reminding that in the capital for the second and, in fact, the last time

this event is held so widely. The very next year only

half of Muscovites will take part in it, since the other half

will take the exam. The correspondent tried to find out from the girl for

first desk, which topic she would prefer. The student was ready for

everything. The audience was told that all the balls are exactly the same in weight.

Dropped N12. The teachers breathed a sigh of relief – not the worst option. By

According to our data, the majority chose the drama of A.N. Ostrovsky.

A win-win and well-developed topic. I must say that in

other regions of the topic "programmatic", traditional ones were chosen more often.

The enthusiastic natures took up Raskolnikov. Although at 17, clearly not

enough experience and cultural baggage to agree with the statement

(or refute?) that the hero – "truly Russian person"…

Was a textbook retelling supposed? Many have written the fifth topic: "Art

certainly strives for good …" (N.V. Gogol). (One at a time or

several works of Russian literature of the 20th century.) Of course, according to

Bulgakov – "Master and Margarita"… They did not argue with the wording, although it

pretty dubious. The rebel hero in Mayakovsky’s poetry attracted

only passionate admirers of the poet’s work. Analyze "The song"

Almost nobody wanted Zhukovsky. Maybe the poem was not caught

the most beloved, perhaps the elegiac mood did not match

moment. Individual graduates tried to quickly figure out under what

this or that topic in the general list was numbered. Apparently, the cheat sheets were at

they are not arranged in sets … However, not only compositions can

was to write off. We were informed from Ryazan that the texts of the examination

presentations sent to schools in sealed envelopes,

on the eve appeared on the Internet. Yet half of the high school students

expressed a desire to disclose topics from the set No. 51, which they

got it. Television broadcast at Ryazan school N 51 in

decisive moment was interrupted by unanimous "Hurrah!"… Coincidence

school numbers and kit numbers were considered a good sign. According to

director Olga Nikolaevna Maslyuk, most wrote "The image of Russia in

poem by N.V. Gogol "Dead Souls"… St. Petersburg on the occasion of the anniversary,

probably lucky too. One of the best sets – N 10. All themes

intelligible, correct, interesting. And about the paradoxes of Pechorin’s personality

there is something to say, and about the problem of moral choice (again a choice!) in

Bulgakov’s prose. Director of Omsk school N 44 Nina Ivanovna Andrienko

I am sure that the compositions of her three students on the topic "Love is so powerful

what transforms ourselves" (F.M.Dostoevsky) from the 35th set

worthy of publication as full-fledged works of art. Her

it is surprising how deeply and poetically young girls were able to reveal

such a complex topic, they even wrote that love is not only

creates, but also destroys the personality. The rest were mainly engaged in

"Eugene Onegin" or Prince Andrew. Again – the program. IN

In the Tyumen region, most of the guys were initially aimed at

presentation. After learning that the 49th set was dropped, many changed

opinion, although in general the alignment of forces remained the same and significant

some of the graduates retold an excerpt from "Virgin soil raised" Sholokhov.

The authors of the essays also turned to the work of the Cossack writer,

talking about "suffering and pain" For example "Human destinies"… At all

our small survey showed that, https://123helpme.me/hero-essay-example/ among other factors, the place

the graduate’s residence influences his choice. So, in small towns

children prefer to write a presentation, the most "used" writer at

them – Sholokhov. In large cities, an essay is more often chosen, and a favorite

author – Bulgakov. Separately, I would like to sympathize with those schools where

inspectors from the department came to the exam. Their appearance means

not only the additional costs associated with the urgent need

set the table and find a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but also an additional

hassle, since some officials do not even allow approaching

students. No questions asked! In one Moscow school, where the composition

wrote 13 (!) graduation classes, and in parallel were already in full swing

renovation, and there were no extra offices, guests 15 minutes before the start

the exam demanded to put all potential medalists in

a separate room so that behind them "it was easier to follow"… Teachers and

the administration barely convinced the angry officials of the impossibility

execute the order. "If only they gave a telephone message the night before,

we would be able to do something"- the director lamented. The exam passed "in

calm working environment …"…

School department

Date: 07.06.2003

Title: Optional graduation tests: myths and reality.



The implication is that children should choose an item that they like.

But the selection criterion is always completely different … Exams are so tight

entered our life that no one (or almost no one) doubts their

legitimacy. Only the method of their conduct is discussed: tests, exam,

answers on tickets or abstracts … Therefore, we are following

others will not discuss the most important myth about exams – their

expediency – and let’s talk about another exam myth, which

close to every teacher. Elective examinations.


Word "choice" has taken root in recent years in the school vocabulary.

Today, only the lazy does not talk about the choice of subjects or in-depth

courses, and exams are chosen at first glance by all students of the ninth and

eleventh grades. Is it really? Imagine

eleventh grade, in which there are thirty students. Regular class, not

specialized, without any "slope"… In this class, naturally,

completely different children gathered: one or two "asterisks" (these are the ones

which guys usually call "nerds", that is, the most

executive and successful at "fine" in all subjects),

five or six good students, two or three inveterate failing students (after all, they did not want them

take to the tenth grade, but there was nowhere to go, the law is the law) and

the rest are normal (ordinary) students. For eleven years they studied

what teachers suggested: mathematics, physics, languages, history …

Only no one has ever taught them to choose! At best they allowed

focus on one or more electives, but that’s all

done very cleverly (as in the so-called profile classes):

chose at the beginning of the school year – walk constantly, get a grade.

At the same time, no one cares how the child changes, he is interested there

or … And now the class teacher says that the children can (must!

must!) choose the exams they will take. What a miracle

so wonderful!

Our poor graduates begin to rush about feverishly.

– I really love biology, I get an A, but the teacher –

just a beast. He will not forgive a single mistake on exams. No better

I will choose English: although I do not know very well, but I will accept it

will be our classroom. And they won’t put it below the three anyway, so

there is nothing special to risk.

– God! I’m not boom-boom in all subjects … What is it to pass ???

– Can I hand over the chemistry? Haven’t visited for half a year … so what ?! The teacher

kind, always helps. It’s better to go to her for the exam than to whom

to another.

Only the most desperate and persistent choose a subject, not a teacher. But

there are few, very few. So it is poor "cool mom" by

rewrite the lists of the selected exams ten times. Can you teach

to choose? More precisely, plan your actions by analyzing existing

possible options? Probably yes, just not by introducing another

school subject called choice. In the meantime, everyone teaches this

life outside the walls of the school, so the children show us their skills, then,