BBright UHD Media Gateway integrates intoPIX JPEG XS Technology

Making Ultra HD easy to deploy, BBright UHD-Decode is now supporting JPEG XS over ST2110-22.

IntoPIX announced that BBright has integrated the intoPIX accelerated JPEG XS software in their UHD-Decode platform. A universal multichannel live production server designed for professional Broadcast applications such as for satellite, terrestrial, cable, OTT operators and IPTV networks, is now equipped with JPEG XS output over ST2110-22.

This intoPIX FastTICO-XS SDK allowed BBright to build advanced software-based solutions offer-ing very high performance and low latency for HD, 4K or 8K workflows. It makes it easy to in-corporate it into latency-critical applications for live, remote or even cloud production.

The new JPEG XS mezzanine codec standard can be ap-plied wherever uncompressed video is currently used. As a lightweight image coding system, it also offers line-based latency with compression ratios typically up to 12:1 (or even more) while maintaining lossless quality.

On top of that, the FastTICO-XS SDK was very easy to integrate in our product. Our R&D was very happy to work with it”, said Guillaume Arthuis, co-Founder and CEO at BBright.