Dailymotion selects OpenIO SDS to overcome the limits imposed by traditional storage architectures

OpenIO, an innovator in object storage and server-less computing, today announced that Dailymotion, European leader in user-generated and premium video content, has selected OpenIO SDS as a crucial infrastructure component. OpenIO SDS will be used to store Dailymotion’s multi-petabyte content archive, and is prepared to support the upcoming challenges of its new strategy focusing on premium content.



The OpenIO storage platform has been selected for its superior scalability, flexibility, ease of use, and lower TCO when compared to other object storage solutions.


Dailymotion adopted object storage three years ago, and started building an active/active mirrored storage infrastructure to ensure optimal availability and performance. While their initial experience with this infrastructure was positive, they needed a technology that could overcome the limits and constraints of traditional storage systems.


“What differentiates OpenIO SDS is that it scales more quickly, more transparently, and without constraints compared to other solutions we tested,” said Alan Martins, Head of Infrastructure at Dailymotion, “And we already know that OpenIO SDS can adapt instantly, without any effort on our part, if we make changes to our workflows in the future.”


Using OpenIO SDS’s unique architecture, Dailymotion will consolidate several scale-out NAS systems in a single cluster, allowing them to create a single namespace starting at 20PB, which is estimated to grow by 30% or more each year. The flexibility of OpenIO technology ensures that data is stored reliably, and that there is no loss in performance when expanding or reconfiguring the infrastructure.


“OpenIO object storage stood out as a scalable, efficient, and easy-to-run technology, ideal to meet our ever-increasing storage needs,” added Alan Martins.


Dailymotion’s strategy is based on software-defined storage and commodity hardware, so they can choose the best configuration without compromises, and at the best available price. With OpenIO, and its unique support for heterogeneous hardware, this approach is also beneficial for hardware upgrades over time, allowing Dailymotion to go through different hardware generations smoothly.


“We are glad that Dailymotion has chosen to work with OpenIO, after multiple proof of concepts tests performed on several competing platforms. It is a strong validation for our technology and our open source philosophy,” said Laurent Denel, CEO of OpenIO.


Being supported as a first-class customer is another fundamental aspect for Dailymotion, and OpenIO’s Premium Subscription is seen as an added value for its response time and proactivity. “Dailymotion works at web speed and needs swift reactions from it partners. OpenIO has demonstrated in the field how quick and proactive its engineering team is,” said Thomas Gerbier, System Engineer at Dailymotion.