LEDIXIS builds LED future at BVE 2015

LEDIXIS, a french innovator in the LED lighting-devices sector seeking distributors in the UK, is exhibiting its latest technology at the BVE 2015 trade show, taking place at the ExCel exhibition centre in London (UK), from 24 to 26 February 2015. During the event LEXIDIS presents EXALUX BRIKS, part of the company’s EXALUX range, BRIKS are new lighting solutions for the broadcasting, movie-making and photographic industries.
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Professionals need to work quickly and efficiently…
Bruno Lavolée, CEO of LEDIXIS, says: “BRIKS are very attractive because they are customisable lighting devices. Besides, with EXALUX BRIKS, designing a customisable lighting instrument becomes child’s play. To start with, users just need one BRIKS and one controller, and it is possible to connect up to 250 LED BRIKS with one controller to build small or medium-size lighting areas.”


A full creative freedom!
Innovation starts with LUXIFYTM, a lighting platform specially developed for modular lighting systems. Because all the electronics are integrated into an all-in-one module, LUXIFYTM is environmentally friendly and allows for better energy efficiency; it also provides improved connectivity and light constancy. A Bluetooth-connected device makes it possible to have wireless control of all BRIKS’ features. Users can connect and run up to 20 LED BRIKS at full brightness (depending on the chosen diffuser).