Rencontres Audiovisuelles organise a Video Mapping Contest during the European Heritage days 2014, with the support of the City of Lille.


This contest is open to international participants, to professionals and students in cinema, animation, digital arts, graphic design…


The creations have to be made for the War Memorial located on the Rihour Square in Lille (more information in appendix 3), from a given matrix and on the following given theme: “Great War, 1914-1918”.

The public screening will take place on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 in the evening.
The winner will receive 2000€.

A special student prize will be provided with 1000€.

1 – Pre-registrations: July 14th

2 – Submission of subscriptions: September 1st

3 – Screening of the selected projects: September 20th


Contest Rules


The registration form and the technical data including the matrix of the facade of the monument need to be asked by email at: before July 14th, 2014.