Volfoni’s EDGE 3D Technology at first LG LED cinema install

Designed to exceed moviegoers’ expectations with immersive, 3D images, the combination of Volfoni’s EDGE 1.2 Active Glasses and ActivHub Cinema Kit was selected by Adde to complement the visual capabilities of LG’s LED technology cinéma display.
The first LG Led cinema © DR

Volfoni, the company specialized in 3D cinema technologies, have announced that Adde Technologies Cinema, designer, manufacturer, and installer of cinematic audio-visual equipment, have installed the EDGE 1.2 Active Glasses and ActivHub Cinema Kit at LG’s first global LED cinema screen at Cinezyphyr in Asnieres (France).

Delivering high-quality 3D images with natural colours to all seating positions, the EDGE 1.2 Active Glasses’ feature an ergonomic design for full viewing comfort, boasting a rubberised nosepiece, three sizes of adjustable arms and weighing only 56 grams.

With automatic infra-red synchronisation and a wide reception angle, the Glasses can seamlessly connect with the ActivHub Cinema Kit to complete a comprehensive 3D solution.

“At Cinezephyr, we’re committed to exploring innovative formats that serve astonishing moviegoing adventures”, said Xavier Orsel, General Manager of Cinezephyr.

In addition to delivering pristine 3D imagery, the EDGE 1.2 Active Glasses feature an 800-hour battery life with automatic power-off functionality to providefull efficiency in operation. While the partnering ActivHub Cinema Kit, comprising of a modular infra-red 3D emitter and laser pointer, facilitates easy installation and adjustability according to the auditorium size.