360 Film Festival #5 : Interactivity and commitment for award-winning contents

This unique Festival - dedicated to creations and immersive experiences from all sides - offers a spotlight on contents that are increasingly innovative and more and more successful. This fifth edition confirms the trend with an increase in quality and a rise in interactivity in the service of storytelling... The technological mastery found in the Awards undoubtedly feeds the guiding thread of SATIS, the professional event hosting the 360 Film Festival: "Creation throught Innovations"!
360 Film Festival #5 : Interactivity and commitment for award-winning contents © Philippe Monpotet360 Film Festival #5 : Interactivity and commitment for award-winning contents © Philippe Monpotet

For this new edition, 90 works from 22 countries came from all over the world and the Festival has selected 23 creations. Among these 23 works (9 360 VIDEOS / 9 VR works / 2 AR works / 3 LARGE FORMATS), the jury had the opportunity to discover more than a dozen new experiences including 5 world premieres in festival.

We observed genres and themes specific to each geographical area, but the narrative will is omnipresent in comedies, dramas, documentaries and video clips. Moreover, we were impressed by the technical prowess of the works in competition, very fluid and interactive. ” explains Céline Tricard, President of Festival 2020.

Tricard is a key figure in VR as director and producer of immersive content and she was accompanied by Agnès Alfandari, Digital director at Institut Français, James Sénade, VFX specialist, Judith Guez, Director of the RectoVRso festival at Laval Virtual and Mauna Traikia, Territorial Advisor , in charge of digital development for the Plaine Commune Grand Paris area… “The jury unanimously declared that it had taken great pleasure in discovering these very different universes. And all are delighted to have discovered so many works combining Innovation and Creation… Which explains this beautiful prize list! “, comments Sébastien Lefebvre, the Festival’s General Delegate.


The 360 Film Festival’s prize list was unveiled live on SATIS TV during the awards ceremony on November 25th …


The 2020 Awards!


GRAND PRIX awarded to “Kinshasa Now” by Marc-Henri Wajnberg

Kinshasa Now is an ambitious and comprehensive interactive documentary work. Its writing and execution are flawless. The interactivity of the work also carries within itself the most poignant message: for the underprivileged children of Kinshasa, each day brings its share of choices, sometimes harmless… Which make the difference between survival and death and determine their entire destiny. ” says Céline Tricart, President of the 2020 Jury…

Produced by Catherine Boes and Marc-Henri Wajnberg / Runtime: 25 min / Year: 2020 / Country: Belgium


SPECIAL JURY MENTION awarded to “Rain Fruits” by Youngyoon Song

A poetic walk with a strong artistic bias but which never blurs its message. A chilling portrait of a world where one must uproot oneself to rise, at the risk of losing one’s identity. “underlines Céline Tricart.

Produced by Sngmoo Lee and Hyejin Cheon / Runtime: 15 min / Year: 2020 / Country: South Korea


360 FILM FESTIVAL PRIZE, BEST STORYTELLING awarded to “Minimum Mass” by Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria

Through a narrative and subtle interactions that shift the viewer’s point of view, Minimum Mass invites us to explore the feelings of the two main protagonists, Sky and Rabia. The scenes follow one another like the acts of a tragedy, within 3D dioramas, with torn edges and floating in the void. In this work, the background (writing) as much as the formal choices (scenery, character movements, interaction…), build a demanding narrative and create empathy with the personal drama unfolding before our eyes. “underlines Agnès Alfandari.

Produced by Raqi Syed, Areito Echevarria and Avi Amar from Floréal Film / Running time: 20 min / Year: 2020 / Country: France


360 FILM FESTIVAL PRIZE, BEST INTERACTIVITY awarded to “Hétérotopia” by Léon Denise, Dorian Rigal Minuit, Samuel Lepoil

“With Kinect’s system, our body appears to us and interacts with the virtual environment that the work shows us. Our hands participate in the creation of worlds told by a narrator until an ultimate experience, whose outcome I will keep silent to keep the suspense … An experience that makes us aware of our own existence in the virtual! “, comments James Sénade.

Produced by Rémi Large from Tamanoir / Runtime: 10 min / Year: 2020 / Country: France


360 FILM FESTIVAL PRIZE, BEST PICTURE awarded to “Baba Yaga” by Eric Darnell and Mathias Chelebourg

Baba Yaga takes us on the journey of a child trying to save his mother through several imaginary spaces. The effects between the 3D models, the 2D cut-outs, and the animations are very beautiful and perfectly orchestrated, making us live real magic moments. The technical challenge of optimizing the graphics rendering for the Quest is also very well taken up. “, explains Judith Guez.

Produced by Baobab Studios / Runtime: 22 min / Year: 2020 / Country: United States


360 FILM FESTIVAL PRIZE, BEST SOUND awarded to “My Identity is this Expanse! “by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron

Virtual reality is here exploited as a passage of witness of the history of millions of refugees. Virtual reality is here at the service of memories, roots and an ode to the strength of the words of poetry…. This immersion – coming from a true story – evokes the violence, the tearing, the separation, the inequalities in the journey of Yunus 13 years old transported in a crate from Afghanistan to Luxembourg. This incredible VR film bears witness to a societal crisis, to the story of millions of children and adults who have become sadly topical refugees.  The poem by Mahmoud Darwish, a figure of Palestian poetry, offers us the strength and emotional power of the words…” If I was another” with an echo background recited in Arabic illustrates all the humanist commitment of “My identity is the expanse”. Tear, separation with the parents…This poem is in turn a guide and an immersive witness of a fight for survival. “, comments Mauna Traikia

Produced by Marion GUTH and François LE GALL from A_Bahn Production / Runtime: 15 min / Year: 2020 / Country: Luxembourg


All these experiences are available online, in 360-degree video, until November 29th on the satisexpo.com website, as well as all the contents in the preselection. Take advantage of this opportunity to make you mind tavel!


Dates to remember:

November 23rd to 29th: online availability of the selected creations


*About the 360 Film Festival

An international showcase for all immersive formats (VR/360, augmented reality, large formats), the 360 Film Festival embodies the vitality of creation in the territory of new immersive digital formats. For its fifth and next edition, the Immersive Festival continues to evolve and now accepts Dome, CAVE, Mapping 360, Scenography screenings within its Large Format category…


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