PickupVRcinema: the first VR cinema in Paris

The young company Pickup  has just opened the PickupVRcinema, the first movie theater offering virtual reality programs (VR) in France. The initiative is smart because technology and narrative value-added contents are still not very accessible to the public... The team also provides festivals and companies with equipments for VR exclusive events throughout France. For example, PickupVRcinema expanded its infrastructure on the Cannes Film Festival in the NEXT Village where met one of its co-founders, Brice Rocton who presented us the concept...

(The video interview is  in french)


“We open the first permanent cinema in virtual reality of France in Paris, rue de Turenne . The collective experience is  one of the main pleasure attached to come to PickupVRcinema. When we proposed the first VR shows, in January, we immediately collected membership spectators. Since we realized sixty sessions and more than 600 spectatorsvisited us . Our programs, which last 35 minutes offer 3-5 movies with different experiences. The viewer is comfortably installed in a swivel chair and the picture he enjoy is not a screened in front of him, but all around him… The experience triggers a lot of dialogue among people, a true desire to share.

The team look for the contents worldwide, which represents a real added value for the viewer. “Today you will be able to choose a” thrill program “with movies horror, a” journey “with documentary program or a” French touch “program with the French directirs. The idea is to take advantage of the VR seeing films with the same theme “says Rocton.

PickupVRcinema has also developed an application that starts all headphones simultaneously: the session starts for all at the same time, it generates a great cohesion among the spectators.

“We dive into this adventure because we are movie fans. When we discovered the first films in VR we took a huge slap! We think this experience is the future of entertainment in the cinema “enthuses Brice Rocton, whom is determined to offer the best of VR in his room!


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