Bertrand Loyer, the producer who breathes and dreams in 4K!

In the past 20 years in the industry, Bertrand LOYER has directed more than 20 science and wildlife films and produced more than 75 other through Saint Thomas Productions which he founded in 1995.

With almost 70 awards gathered in international festivals, he has proved a total dedication to his work in his constant search of innovation and new stories to be told. As a team leader, he is also recognised for his intuition to discover new talents and to offer them the support needed to perform.

Most recently, he has written, produced and directed 3 episodes of the LIFE ON FIRE series, which already received prestigious awards in international festivals. He is now working on a new CGI-based scientific series entitled LIFE ON EARTH : A NEW PREHISTORY which will be delivered at the end of 2014.

During Screen4All Forum, Mediakwest met the Producer : he gave us his feedback regarding 4K filming and he explained us why you can’t avoid to produce in 4K nowadays. (French language WebTV interview)