Screen4All Forum: mastering disruptive innovations linked to digital

For its second edition, Screen4All offers visitors an event dedicated to mastering the issues and opportunities of digital technologies in film, television and communication; two days to learn about the industry's future challenges through demonstrations, workshops and talks.


Screen4All Forum will be held on October 12 and 13, 2015, at L’Usine, in Saint-Denis (in the Paris region, France).

For two days, Screen4All will gather two dozen international experts for conferences organized around three main topics:


  • A conference on the state of post-production and visual effects– a day to meet with professionals and prepare for the future of post-production and VFX in France.
  • The Ultra HDay– a day to learn about and analyze the challenges of 4K/UHD, from filming to screening.
  • “What’s Next”: 360° immersion– presenting the state of the virtual reality industry (market, technologies, content), and introducing the 360° festival.


Conference on the state of post-production and visual effects

The post-production market is currently slowing down. It was recently hit by the closure of large companies such as Éclair, the jewel of the French post-production industry, who did not survive the digital transition. Jobs in this field are also receding this year, unlike in the TV film production industry. In this uncertain context, Screen4All offers an analysis of outsourcing, technological innovations, new funding avenues, and how to sell visual effects abroad.


Ultra HDay

Ultra HD is relevant to many players on the market, including major ones such as Apple. According to IHS, in April 2015, sales of Ultra HD and 4K TV sets reached a new high of 3 million units across the world. Everyone is talking about and developing 4K and UHD, whether on the mainstream or professional markets. In this context, Screen4All’s conferences, demonstrations and workshops will allow participants to learn about production tools, standardization initiatives, the development of HDR, and the first distribution channels.


“What’s Next”: 360° immersion

Virtual reality, which had been discussed in the 90s, is announced as the main trend in 2016, especially during the E3 trade show, the world’s largest video game event where all major players on the market have presented their plans for virtual reality. In this context, the “What’s Next” series of talks will explore this new technology that has people both guarded and fascinated, taking a closer look at highly-expected VR helmets, immersive contents available, and the market for this new promising technology.



….Screen4All, the forum on disruptive technologies and new uses for film, television and new screens aims at offering participants opportunities for development, by providing insights into how the creation and distribution of digital contents are evolving, and by fostering international networking. This event is organized by the Club HD and Avance Rapide. The Seine-Saint-Denis region supports the event. 


For more information about the Forum and the training Screen4LL Campus * which runs parallel to the event, visit:

* Screen4All Campus provides an overview of innovations regarding contents and related to digital era. The training proposes focus on technological fields (4K and VoD),  on financing and on digital marketing. Screen4All Campus, supported by the European Media program will be held from October 12 to 16 next and registration is in progress …

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