Screen4All Forum succeeds Dimension3 Forum!

Screen4All, the Forum on disruptive technologies and uses for cinema, TV and new media, succeeds Dimension3 Forum with a largest window of topics (4K / UHD, 3D, augmented reality, cloud, omniscreen, 3D printing, OTT, Big Data...) but also with a business platform developped to favor the development of digital innovative projects. However Dimension 3 Festival is still remaining with an international competition opened to all S3D and 4k programs...

Screen4All Forum will deliver the keys to anticipate challenges in the digital content industry by presenting innovations that will change cinema, television and all screen markets, from production to distribution.

Enjoying its 7 years of experience, the organisation team will gather international experts from the industry and attendees will include traditional players and industry newcomers, but also investment companies (banks and crowd funding).


Three days to share ideas and make contacts!

Through a series of conferences, workshops and networking events, as well as a demonstration area and a public festival, Screen4All Forum will give visitors insight into the innovative uses and technologies in the value chain of images. The event, held from October 28 to 30, 2014 at the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin (right next to Paris, France), will tackle issues such as multi-screen content distribution, OTT, delivery, video gaming and sources of investments.


Screen4All’s main appointments

• Ultra HDay, a full day dedicated to issues of the adoption and development of 4K Ultra HD (conferences, demonstrations, workshops, screenings), offering a unique opportunity to meet with international experts;

• Gear Up, a networking platform for investors and companies to enable the development of new projects or new contents;

• Screen4All Campus, a training course with support from the EU’s MEDIA programme, that teaches participants how to master multi-screen production from creation to distribution;

• Dimension3 – the “Big Festival”, a key international festival dedicated to innovation and creation in the fields of 3D, 4K and Ultra HD;

• The Demo Zone, an area dedicated to demonstrations where innovative companies will present their latest solutions.


“Digital technologies have profoundly changed the way contents are produced and, as well as the rules of formatting and delivery. This is why, in order to stay relevant, it is more than ever necessary to know the market inside and out. In this context, we have taken it upon ourselves to encourage and support the development of innovative companies as well as historical players,” explains Stéphan Faudeux, Director of Screen4All Forum.