Touchdown! Civolution’s Teletrax offers contextual ad placement during Super Bowl

Civolution’s Teletrax®, the leading provider of real time analytics and TV synced ads, today announced that it will offer TV-synced contextual multi-screen advertising during Super Bowl XLIX that starts on February 1st, 2015. Teletrax’s live event triggers solution allows advertisers to programmatically place digital and contextually relevant advertisements simultaneously when there is a touchdown, field goal, turnover, unsportsmanlike conduct or any other marquee action during the game.

This solution enables advertisers to ‘own’ crucial moments during Super Bowl XLIX, thereby engaging the audience in a unique and innovative way.  Ads will appear in real-time across the most visited social media platforms, mobile apps and websites. What’s more, the creative can be optimized according to what’s happening on the screen.

The live event triggers solution comes as an extension to Teletrax’s TV-Synced Ads product, which enables real-time TV-synced cross-screen advertising. Civolution’s Teletrax is used today by many advertisers across North America and Europe to improve the advertiser’s message, improve brand exposure, and ultimately increase ROI on advertising spend. Civolution’s Teletrax is already integrated with leading DSPs, trading desks and social advertising platforms.

Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution, commented: “Super Bowl is the most watched TV program in the U.S. With more than 110 million viewers, it provides advertisers with a unique opportunity for cross-screen marketing. The placement of contextual digital ads will increase engagement and amplify the overall brand message.”

Teletrax automatically identifies key moments in real-time during live events. Upon detection, the system sends signals to the agency’s programmatic bidding platforms, enabling them to bid for inventory on social, mobile and online. Within seconds of the event, a digital ad appears on the target audience’s smartphone, tablet, or laptop. There is no need for a special app or consumer intervention as everything triggers server-side and scales infinitely; the only limit is the advertiser’s own ambitions.

Teletrax is the world’s most accurate and technologically advanced real-time TV analytics and TV-synced ads solution. Using its industry-leading content identification platform and network, Teletrax identifies in real-time what’s airing on TV on over 2,200 channels in more than 60 countries. It provides unique insights to content/rights holders and capabilities for cross-screen marketing campaigns, bridging the gap between tv and digital.Teletrax is a brand of the french company Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions to identify, manage and monetize media content.