Videomenthe signs a service contract for Videomenthe cloud with France’s INA

Videomenthe has signed a strategic partnership with the INA, France's national institute for audiovisual archives, for the development of Videomenthe Cloud, a collaborative file sharing platform. This will allow the INA's audiovisual productions department to optimize the collaborative workflow it uses with clients, while providing flawless security.

More and more clients of the INA’s audiovisual productions department were asking for file-based deliveries, requiring the institute to come up with innovating solutions.

The Videomenthe solution allows the INA to not deal anymore with technical deployments, financial investments and software license purchases. With the Videomenthe Cloud platform, the INA’s audiovisual productions department can quickly set up three portals: one to send data, one to share data and one to receive contents from partner production companies in France or abroad (China, Canada, United States). The INA can also send dematerialized files to its clients, but also share contents such as graphics or subtitles with all the players involved in producing a program.

“We have worked in close collaboration with the INA’s audiovisual productions department, so that they could extensively test our solution. We are very pleased with our choice. Videomenthe Cloud offers flexibility in terms of use and deployment, and is a modular solution. Data is stored in France, in a data center that we have partnered up with. The interface can be customized, and ideally suited to the client’s needs. Companies that wish to use this service are given an identifier and password, and they can start using the platform immediately,” adds Muriel Le Bellac, CEO of Videomenthe.

Clients need not worry about technical or security aspects, which are all covered. Videomenthe Cloud lets the portal administrator view content transfers, offers notifications of completed delivery, secure data encryption and accelerated transfers. Data can be downloaded by administrators and authorized users, but also stored or flushed depending on the institute’s needs.

About twenty users use the Videomenthe Cloud platform each month. They are not always the same, as this depends on ongoing projects. The strengths of this solution are the accelerated transfer of large files, transfer security, temporary storage, and controlled costs.


About Videomenthe :

Videomenthe is a French software publisher and distributor specialized in media file workflows offering file transfers over IP, transcoding farms, quality control and loudness control. Videomenthe offers professional services based on these solutions and now offers them in the Videomenthe Cloud.

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