Xilam Group brings two brand new CGI Series to Cartoon Forum

Academy Award-nominated French animation studio Xilam Animation is set to bring two brand-new projects to Cartoon Forum. Both dynamic projects are CGI animation, strengthening Xilam’s commitment in that space.
Wild Life City une série 3D de Nicolas Deveau © XilamWild Life City une série 3D de Nicolas Deveau © Xilam

The first project, Piggy Builders (52 x 11’), is a fun and unique preschool series navigating the key themes of teamwork and family, created by Marie Manand, Julien Hazebroucq and Emmanuelle Leleu. Ever wondered what happened to the three little pigs after their well-known misadventure with the wolf? They realised that building houses, together, as a team, is what they enjoy the most. This trio, Cesar, Charlie and Cornelia, are now known throughout the entire forest as the Piggy Builders – and their creations have cosy interiors, clever architecture and eco-friendly materials – an invitation to have fun with playing …

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