CinemaNext Equips Paris’ Pathé Wepler Cinema with EclairColor

CinemaNext, the European specialist in cinema exhibitor services announced that Paris’ Pathé Wepler cinema has been equipped with EclairColor projection technology. In conjunction with the installation, Eclair’s post-production teams have remastered Lisa Azuelos’ “Dalida,” opening in cinemas across France the 11th of January, using EclairColor digital color technology. A revolutionary new digital color solution that combines post-production processes and the optimization of select projection system technologies, EclairColor provides cinemas with unparalleled image projection quality.


Produced by Bethsabée Mucho and distributed by Pathé, “Dalida” is available in EclairColor at the following locations: Paris’ Pathé Wepler & Gaumont Champs-Elysées (Gaumont Marignan), Cinéma Confluences (Varennes-sur-Seine) and Les Variétés (Marseille). The Pathé Wepler’s 378-seat Auditorium 1 marks the sixteenth EclairColor-equipped cinema in France and the sixth Parisian site after the Gaumont Champs-Elysées, Etoile Saint-Germain, Studio 28, the Filmothèque du quartier Latin and the Espace St Michel.

“EclairColor technology offers cinemas the opportunity to significantly improve their projection quality at minimal cost. Far from being elitist, this new technology, based on a range of projectors already in use in many cinemas, is accessible to all exhibitors,” said Ymagis Group founder, chairman & CEO Jean Mizrahi. “EclairColor projectors have been designed to offer exhibitors greater programming flexibility, as they can be used to show either 2K or 4K content in both standard DCI format and in EclairColor.”

“With ‘Dalida’ in EclairColor, audiences will discover an unprecedented image quality with richer colours and heightened details that reflect the colorimetry originally envisioned by the film’s creative teams,” said Maxime Rigaud, Managing Director, CinemaNext France. “We are thrilled with our ongoing partnership with Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé. This latest EclairColor installation comes just a few weeks after our teams equipped the Gaumont Champs-Elysées, a strong sign of their confidence in this new technology.”

Developed by Ymagis Group engineers, EclairColor is a revolutionary digital color solution that combines a post-production process innovated by Eclair with the optimization of select projection system technologies available from CinemaNext. EclairColor is available to all French cinema exhibitors, regardless of screen size or type.

CinemaNext is the Ymagis Group’s business unit dedicated to exhibitor services. Founded in 2007 and managed by professionals from the motion picture and high-tech industries, Ymagis Group is a European leader in advanced digital technology services for the cinema industry. Through CinemaNext and Eclair, the Group provides smart and comprehensive solutions to movie exhibitors, distributors (feature films & event cinema), producers, rights holders, cinema/TV advertising networks, broadcasters, VOD/S-VOD platform operators and video publishers. Ymagis Group is headquartered in Paris (France) and counts close to 700 employees.