Neotopy: Partner of the 360 Film Festival organized as part of Screen4All Forum

Neotopy will be a partner of the first Festival VR / 360 organized by Screen4LL Forum. The young company will manage the virtual reality  experience zone of the 360 Film Festival. Like many companies that develop activities in the emerging market of the RV, Neotopy develop a significant R & D and has already been noticed for its spirit of innovation. The founders have extensive professional experiences particularly in the field of audio...


Neotopy is working on two markets : corporate and TV. A significant proportion of its resources devoted to R & D, as emphasized, Yvan Maucuit, VR consultant and co-founder of the company: “We believe that VR is an interesting media for corporate communication and we have made several contents for this market. To be fully experienced by a group, we thought it was interesting, in many cases, to synchronize start at the same time for all participants. So we developed the Neocine VR technology to synchronize by WiFi all headsets”.


The Neocine VR technology works for all types of VR headsets, and provide a monitoring of the charge level of the headsets. Up to 60 Samsung Gear VR headsets  can thus be synchronized and controlled. , with a friendly visual interface. The application installed in the headsets supports a “head tracked” spatial sound for an enhanced immersion.


The European group Unibail-Rodamco commissioned Neotopy to produce a VR showcase of the singer Yael Naim. The experience is presented in malls where visitors can immerse themselves in the heart of a concert of the singer. Besides France, the experience will run in Germany and Poland at the rate of 16 meetings per day with 25 VR headsets.


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