SATIS 2017 Keynotes: Innovation at the service of business and content creation

With over 50 talks and 5 keynotes, SATIS/Screen4All will be the best opportunity all year to learn all about the latest trends in the audio-visual and sound industries!



High-profile keynotes on best practices

Visitors at SATIS/Screen4All will have the opportunity to attend several keynotes given by major brands and international experts. Speakers include:


  • Adobe, hosted by Chris Bobotis, Director of Immersive at ADOBE SYSTEMS INC., Wednesday, November 8 at 2 pm
  • Prisma Media, hosted by Daniel Daum, Executive Director of the TV/Entertainment department at Prisma Media, Wednesday, November 8 at 2 pm
  • IBM Watson, hosted by Remi Fourreau, Offering Manager for Globalization, Content Protection & IBM Watson Video Enrichment at IBM Cloud Video, Thursday, November 9 at 2 pm
  • Baobab Studios, hosted by Kane Lee, Director of Content at Baobab Studios.


Looking at the latest innovations with industry experts

VR, artificial intelligence, cloud, HDR, UHD, IP: two days of looking into cutting edge technologies in order to better understand and approach today and tomorrow’s challenges.


The secrets of creation

Creators from the web, TV, and film industries will gather at SATIS/Screen4All, including the team from Zombillenium for an eagerly anticipated making-of!


A dynamic business: production in the digital era

Finding new funding avenues, learning new skills, recruiting talent, adapting to new formats… specialists provide the keys to staying ahead in an ever-changing market.

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