NAB 2016 : Enensys brings its global DTT expertise to bear with the announcement of ATSC 3.0 products at NAB 2016

Enensys, designers and manufacturers of digital TV transmission technologies, is bringing its renowned DTT network architecture and standards expertise to the world of ATSC 3.0 with the announcement of key products at NAB 2016.

Enensys has recognised the significant change that ATSC 3.0 represents for digital TV transmission in the US and other markets : it’s a powerful development in digital TV standards with the addition of capabilities like UHD and HDR. It’s using its global DTT experience and understanding of ATSC 3.0 to drive product development. As with its DVB successes, Enensys’ initial products – a ROUTE server, the ATSC 3.0 Scheduler and an ATSC 3.0 Modulator – will sit between encoding and transmission.

Using these products, broadcasters will be able to deliver live streams directly from an encoder, outputting Dash segments, while managing the ATSC 3.0 physical parameters : ROUTE session generation, ALP encapsulation, Multi PLP allocation, SFN management, STL generation and so on. The solution is based both on the company’s well-known modular platform HDc (High Density Chassis), offering flexible and scalable installation, alongside powerful software for easy deployment and virtualization.

Richard Lhermitte, VP of Sales and Marketing with Enensys, said :  “ATSC 3.0 is a huge step forwards for the US – and other ATSC markets – and will allow broadcasters to provide a truly 21st century experience. We are using both our DTT and networking expertise to develop these products, which will allow DTT network operators to compete in today’s media consumption landscape.”

Enensys will be available to discuss its ATSC 3.0 work in the ATSC 3.0 Broadcast/Workflow Area (NAB Futures Park).

On its booth – SU6325 – executives will be available to discuss its wider solutions portfolio, including IPGuardV2 for IP stream redundancy and AdsEdge for DTT content localisation and monetisation. Enensys will also highlight its ISDB-T solutions targeted at the LATAM market.

Founded in 2004 by digital TV professionals, Enensys Technologies has years of experience in the design and manufacturing of digital TV transmission systems. Its products sit between encoding/multiplexing and transmission, facilitating signal distribution over a wide variety of networks including IP. Enensys is a specialist for DVB-T2 technology, and covers other standards such as DVB-T, LTE Broadcast, T-DMB, DTMB, ATSC and ISDB-T. The company develops the technology embedded in its products and has released 18 patents to protect its intellectual property.

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